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On this website you get acquainted with the history of one of the most beautiful cars built during the end of the 70’tees and beginning of the 80’tees, by the well-known designer Alain Clénet.

Brigitte and Sir Henry. CEO Clénet Europe Organisation
Owner Clenet.eu

Alain founded “Clénet Coach Works” in Santa Barbara California

His dream was to build an American Rolls Royce in retro style. The design of the two-seater Roadster and later on the four-seater convertible was sublime.

Many public figures from the film world and high society around the world, were attracted to the first limited edition. Prices that exceeded $ 75,000 were gladly paid in order to purchase a car. Prior to production Alain had, prior to production, declared that he would build 250 cars.

The production and manufacturing in the USA did not go unnoticed in other parts of the world, resulting in the fact that in Europe more than  110 proud owners were registered.

That is also the reason why we have initiated the Clénet website to unite all the owners in an international friendship Organisation.

In 2015 the first meeting of European Clénet owners was held in Austria. During this first meeting the enthusiasm was astonishing. The “family” of Clénet owners was established. Also, many owners were wondering if and when the next meeting was to be held, as well as the topic of the demand and availability of parts became a hot item.

As a consequence of the first meeting of the 40th anniversary more meetings have or are being organized. Many new friendships have been established and are still ongoing.

The current European Clénet owners are known to spend a lot of time and finances to restore and/or keep their car in good running order.

Outside Europe there is a growing interest from the USA, Arab countries and other continents.

Currently there are plans to organize a Clénet meeting in France, near Saint-Tropez. Work is already ongoing to realize this.

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