Clénet Parts

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Backlight 35 €

Cover for Backlight 37 €

Blinker  18 €

Bonnets GBP 24,-

Dietz Mastlights Halogen USD 119,-,3024.html

Mast Lamp Chrome plated USD 79,-,21646.html

Mast Lamp Set Chrome plated USD 109,-,35747.html


Stoneguards for Mast Lamp GBP 18,-

Insert HeadLight H4 7 Zoll 1A6002395071  35,- €



Spotlamp  GBP 166,-

Replacement Glas for Spotlight  GBP 10,-

Mounting Arm for Spotlight  GBP  44,-

Base Only for Spot Lamp  GBP 16,-

Filler Cap

Filler Cap (Open) between 70,- and 200,- GBP


Window Handles

Exemple from the tires:



Windshield and Parts Clénet Series I

Wiper Blade and Arm

Sunshine Holder

2 Pictures Carburetor Ford 2 BBL 2150 Electric Choke

Ford Product 1977-1978.1979

USD 168,–—351-CID–58-LITER-8-Cylinder-2-Barrel-Carburetor/1.html




(Photos wheel Emblem Series I will publish soon)

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